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Tips for Holding the Sprint Review Meeting | David Tzemach

Updated: Mar 2, 2022

To help your next sprint review meeting advance smoothly and meet its objectives, I have created a list of ideas and tips for you, which should be useful.

Make sure everyone knows why they are part of this meeting.

The sprint review meeting is held with different stakeholders who are not always familiar with the main objectives of the meeting and the ground rules they should follow. To ensure the session runs smoothly, I always ensure the SM takes the first 2-3 minutes to review the meeting's objectives, agenda and rules that set the baseline for collaborative work.

Keep the meeting on schedule.

Like any other Scrum framework activity, the review meeting is time-boxed. It’s the responsibility of the SM to keep the meeting on track by stopping irrelevant discussions, technical conversations that take too long etc.

Record the main points of what was agreed

For the team to gain the most from this meeting, it is vital that the main points are recorded and can affect future developments and product backlogs.

It all starts with preliminary facilitation.

The SM should make sure the team comes to the meeting prepared. To achieve this goal, the SM can use different approaches such as:

  • Set the presentation order of stories throughout the meeting.

  • Guide the team by asking questions like "What do we want to achieve?" or "how will we know we've achieved that" or "what does the success of the review look like?".

  • PO understands each user story and can explain it (acceptance criteria, value, etc.).

  • PO can describe the big picture and the current status of the project.

  • Suggest new ways to the team to best present the completed work.

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