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Job Interview Mistakes to Avoid

Updated: Mar 2, 2022

In this article, I will review the main mistakes you can make during a job interview. The list is combined with my personal experience and from stories that I gathered during my years in the software industry.

The principles

Before reviewing the list, let's talk about the fundamental principles that you must be familiar with:

  • The software industry has many opportunities that you can use to find your next job.

  • My list will help you avoid the basic mistakes of interview "Killers."

  • Try to find the hidden goals behind the interviewer's questions.

  • The software industry needs more and more people.

  • Remember that you should always position yourself as the solution to their problem when you go to an interview.

Interview killer mistakes


  • Make sure that your resume reflects your actual knowledge.

  • Your CV is not focused on the specific job that you want.

  • Never lie; a good interviewer will catch you!

  • Providing the wrong contact information.

  • Validate that your resume is short.

  • Ensure that your CV contains the relevant data; the interviewer does not care what you did 100 years ago.

  • Never have a Grammar error.

  • Never have a spelling error.

Interview preparation

  • You don’t know the exact position you are invited for.

  • You are failing to understand the importance of a phone interview.

  • Failure to explain why you are the best man for the job.

  • You don’t know what characteristics of the job.

  • You don’t know the requirements of the job.

  • Remember what you wrote on your resume.

  • You don’t know what the company does.

  • You use assumptions instead of facts.

  • Do not answer with 'Yes' or 'No.'

  • Keep the basic Dressing codes.

  • Know the salary expectations.

  • Do not be late for the interview.

  • You failed to ask questions.

  • Do not arrive too early.

Personality Mistakes

  • You are not demonstrating enthusiasm.

  • Showing off, no one will appreciate it.

  • Sounding too desperate for the job.

  • Speaking rudely to the interviewer.

  • Not receiving any criticism.

  • Forgetting your manners.

  • Do not be too emotional.

  • You are being too needy.

  • You Become Defensive.

  • You Become angry.

Interview mistakes

  • Don’t ask about the job benefits of the first phase of the interview.

  • You indicate that you are not willing to work after official hours.

  • You indicate that you are not willing to start at the bottom.

  • You indicate that you are not willing to work in a team.

  • You are using the "Slang" language during the interview.

  • Failing to listen to what the interviewer is telling you.

  • Lying about your experience and knowledge.

  • Bad-mounting your former employer.

  • Don’t lie about your salary demands.

  • You failed to explain your strengths.

  • Negativism against the interviewer.

  • Trash talking with the interviewer.

  • Complaining about stupid things.

  • Do not ask too many questions.

  • Failing to make Eye contact.

  • Interrupting the interviewer.

  • Leaving your cell phone on.

  • You apologize too much.

  • Overselling Yourself.

  • Don’t talk too much; philosophy is great, but you can keep it to yourself if you didn't ask to explain it.

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