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Communicating Sprints to the Organization | David Tzemach

One of the most significant advantages of Agile development is the clear visibility regarding the progress of development teams throughout the project. This is why the team should keep the whole organization informed about their planning, including stories to deliver, estimations, and the goals they want to achieve.

The team can use a few common ways to communicate the sprint to the rest of the organization. One way that has always worked for me is using a visual board or a sprint details page that summarizes the main aspects of the sprint.

A classic example of a sprint details page will have the following information:

Team name: Quality Architecture

Sprint goal: All integrations with team ‘A’ completed

Sprint name: Sprint 35

Key dates:

  • Sprint duration: 16.8.2018 to 30.8.2018

  • Daily Scrum: 10:00- 10:15, in the team room

  • Refrainment: 21.8.2018, at 16:00- 17:00, conference room A

  • Review: 30.8.2018, at 12:00- 14:00, conference room B

  • Retrospective: 30.8.2018, at 16:00- 17:00, conference room C

Team capacity (dedicated hours for the project):

  • Alice – 6H

  • Bob – 3H

  • Charlie – 8H

  • Dave – 2H

  • Dana - Scrum Master

  • Sophie- Product Owner

Team velocity: 18 Story points

Sprint backlog and team estimations (Story points):

  • Design the authentication process (3)

  • Investigate authentication methods (3)

  • Develop the user interface for feature ‘X’ (5)

  • Develop the authentication process (5)

  • Develop supported automation (1)

  • Ensure integration with component ‘X’ (1)

Once you have created the sprint details page, it is recommended that you share a link to all the reports from day one. Another thing that I love to do in my teams is to create a physical printout of the report and post it on the team’s door, so it becomes visible to all who can now get all the information they need regarding the current sprint.

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