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Azure Cloud: Subscription Vs Account

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

Once you start using the cloud, you will most likely encounter two core terms, "Account" and "Subscription," so let's understand what those are exactly.

Subscription: A subscription contains the carious resources you provision in the cloud (VM's, Storage, DBs, etc.). It groups user accounts and the resources that those users have created. In fact, for every resource you create in the cloud, you will be asked to pick the subscription they will be previsioned (you can have one subscription or more). A subscription can be attached to multiple accounts in the organization.

Organizations can now efficiently manage their resources, understand their costs, and manage them in one single location using logical containers such as subscriptions. By default, when creating a new account in Azure, we create a new subscription attached to this account.

Subscription plans for new accounts:

Account: An identity with access to resources in the subscription/s. It can be attached to multiple subscriptions. you can create a free Azure account in Azure using this address:

Account Example:

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